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my goodbye letter to alcohol

I’m writing my girlfriend of many years a goodbye letter right now while she’s asleep. The journey to recovery is a long process. As you make progress, keep updating your letter or write new ones.

Goodbye Addiction

I have tried to leave you in the past; however, every time I try to leave you behind, you simply come back stronger than ever before. I realized that the only way I could be able to leave you would be if I hit rock bottom first. The only thing is that I didn’t know exactly what rock bottom meant. How much more do I have to lose before I’m willing to leave you for good?

  • I was always waking up to find you gone, replaced by my face in a bucket as a morning greeting.
  • No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get away from you.
  • But every day I will keep doing what I have to do to keep my obsession at bay — counseling, 12-step meetings, etc — so that I never have to see you again.
  • And we would repeat this day after day.

As much as it hurts to walk away from you, I’ll always try to remember the good times of my life and put the bad times goodbye letter to alcohol behind me. When you are strong in recovery, it may be helpful to share your letter with family and friends.

What to Include in Your Goodbye Letter to Alcohol?

I am a child of God and He had finally broken through the never-ending pile of shit we had built together called my life. His words were simple, yet more powerful than anything you could ever do to me. I went to sleep that night knowing that I would finally say goodbye to you forever when I woke up. If you wish to contact a specific rehab facility then find a specific rehab facility using our treatment locator page or visit If you are in need of help please contact people who care and please remember suicide is never the answer.

I have people that I love, and I know they love me back. And I’m able to watch my daughters grow older.

How To Regain Child Custody After Drug Rehab?

You were there when my parents died and helped me through the grief. When I threw out my back, you comforted me for weeks and eased the pain. I hope one day that everyone wakes up to what you really are so that we may all be free of your nonsensical way of life.

my goodbye letter to alcohol

I’m an alcoholic and drug addict and I physically and emotionally damage those I care about while under the influence. Once alcohol has taken a hold on your life it can be very much like an abusive lover…. Just a Texan making her home in Tennessee. Learning to live a fully conscious and alcohol free life. Did you notice towards the end, how much we cried together. All those sad midnights looking in the mirror.