Ocean Foil Pack has broad knowledge in manufacturing and marketing of Aluminium foil based Laminates .The company is outfitted with newest Extrusion lamination Machine , Aluminum Coating Machine and Lamination Plant for all Kind of Aluminum Based 2 Ply , 3 Ply ,4 Ply Product as per Client Requirement.

We are manufacturer and exporter of PE Extrusion Coated and laminated Materials, PE Coated Aluminium foil and Metalized Film which used in PE foam, air bubble film, XLPE Foam, Food and Pharma Packing and all kindof Thermal Reflective applications.

  • Aluminum foil +  PE Film
  • Metalized BOPP +  PE Film
  • Metalized Polyester + PE Film
  • Aluminium Foil + White Poly Film
  • Metalized Film + White Poly Film
  • Customized Micron and Size Available as Per Client requirement

Aluminum Foil & Met Pet Film Laminates Applications

  • Aluminum Foil Capacitors

  • Coated Aluminium Foil For Air Bubble Insulations

  • Aluminum Foil Based Wires

  • Containers and Packaging

  • Military specification packaging

  • Thermal Aluminium Based Bag For Export Packing

  • Coated Aluminium Foil For Foam Insulations

  • Export Packing Material

  • Machine Packing Material

  • Semi-Rigid Foil Containers Material

  • Institutional Foil Based Material

  • Food Service Product

  • Product Labels

  • Foil Printing Stocks

  • Foil Building Products

  • Food and Pharmaceuticals

  • Gift wrap , Florist foil , Decorative uses

  • Aluminum Foil Printing Plates

  • Nameplates

  • Other Foil Applications