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There is nothing like a first impression but it takes more than mere introduction to start an enduring relationship. Oceanic Foil pack is a top notched, revered and renowned company based in Ahmedabad with an enormous consideration on quality and solution based Manufacturing, Exporting and, supplying of extrusion laminated materials and various insulation materials. We follow a philosophy of perfection in our offering which is an everyday’s fashion at Oceanic foil pack. The company is completely dedicated to let its clients enjoy the highest level of quality.

The customer can take a back seat once they are placing an order at oceanic foil pack. We have a culture either we do it at the best possible level or we don’t do .Our philosophy of working has earned a huge repute which is not only confined to India but has reached abroad as well. All the efforts of the company are always targeted towards complete satisfaction of the clients. In the pursuit of developing strong and long term business relationships, the company continuously endeavours to do what it could to help clients be relieved of all the worries of the setting up of their packaging and insulation solutions. The dexterity to accept metamorphosis and devour new aura and theories underlines the culture at Oceanic foil pack. Everything in this world except experience keeps deteriorating and we people count on that. Most of the team member of Oceanic foil pack has got body of experience in the field of packaging material and insulation products manufacturing , the average experience of the people who are functioning with us is more than 10 years.

It’s very likely that we have got the highest retention ratio in the industry which is simply unmatchable. Our team has not only grown in number from 10 people to 100 professionals but our abilities to manage various types of national and international projects of insulation and extrusion laminated products supplying and exporting. We are an integrated team of individuals providing higher value of quality products that helps us to apply the best technical and research know-how to pass on to our clients in terms of producing our products at optimum level with zero defects. Oceanic foil pack is dedicated to provide timely and quality product at competitive price to enable our customer to gain.

Oceanic foil pack brings into play the latest technologies and equipments into its manufacturing and project delivery processes to find the best way to meet client’s project goals. We employ the most contemporary and ground-breaking technology which is painstaking to be advance across the globe. We always continuously emphasize on an unfazed focus towards the satisfaction and success of the client.

Why Us?

  • We impart superior and innovative solution to our customers

  • Consistency and suppleness in all our solutions to facilitate clients

  • Our team is extremely talented, authorized & dexterous in their respective areas To rally round our clients attain best results, we have blended exceptional realm proficiency & industrial progressions

  • We are an inexpensive and customer oriented company that organizes to the varied business requirements of our clients.

Research & Developments

The face of packaging industry has been changing very rapidly and the competition prevailing into the market has compelled us to make our product cost effective, innovative and environment friendly. To cope up with the challenges we have established our own research department where our research team keeps exploring new ideas of developing different kinds of products of our industry.

Our departments’ distinctive arrangement of crucial and derived analysis warrants total class of control from production through to deliverance. This bestows an incomparable level of service, offering customers the chance to converse any facet of extrusion laminated material properties or presentation with a member of the research departments.

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